Collusion in Online Poker

Have you heard the term collusion being thrown around online? Chances are you have if you have been playing poker on the web for a while and maybe you are wondering what this means. There’s another term that is more widely understood that can help you get a grasp of this word very quickly: cheating. That’s right, collusion is a fancy word for cheating. There are a lot of ways to cheat and poker and it is really not advised that any player take part in a collusion scheme unlessthey would like to be banned from online play in every casino on the web. Collusion ruins the fun for all of us so it is best not to even try it out in the first place.

To be more specific, since players can’t mark cards, perform hand is quicker than the eye tricks or try using a hold out device to throw the odds in their favor, it’s a lot harder to pull off collusion on the web, but it can be done, sadly. Bots are the number one way that really lousy players try to throw the odds in their favor. A bot is a program that is designed to play as if it were a human and try to win for its master. These are simply lines of code in a program that play poker online. Whether they win that much is not known, but what is known for sure is that using them is a great way to get banned immediately.

As crazy as it sounds, some people also create data mining programs to check for hand histories and try to throw the game based on complex programs. This, too, falls under collusion in online poker play. The last thing that is really disturbing is that certain employees of big name poker groups have been shown to engage in collusion and the results have gotten them fired and served with lawsuits.

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Page Updated: May 8, 2018