What is a Blind in Poker?

To understand what a blind means, in terms of poker, the first thing you need to think about is the green felt table that all the games are played at. Everyone sits in a circle, arranged around the dealer in the middle. In a flop style poker game like the most popular poker variant, Texas Hold ’em, the blinds are 2 in number and they are located just to the left of the dealer. Closest to the dealer is the player who is stuck making the small blind, the next player over has the big blind. The big blind has to pay the minimum bet at the table and the small blind pays half of that. Blinds are forced bets, which means players don’t get to choose. The reason for this is that there are normally no ante costs for Omaha and Texas Hold ’em in a casino situation. The blinds are a way to try to get the players to keep going in for bigger pots to win back the cost of the blind.

Now, it should be noted that when the big blind is an odd number like 13 dollars, then the small blind is going to be either 7 dollars or 7 dollars, depending upon the casino one is playing at. The reason for this is because most casinos do not have a lot of 50 cent chips. It also helps, when it is rounded up, to ensure more money remains in play. To be sure, the whole concept of blinds was designed to favor the casino and cover the costs of the table. Players are going to call the blinds every so often and raise them, but the bottom line here is that the blinds make sure the casino gets some money for running the game no matter what else happens.

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Page Updated: May 8, 2018