What is a Blind in Poker?

To understand what a blind means, in terms of poker, the first thing you need to think about is the green felt table that all the games are played at. Everyone sits in a circle, arranged around the dealer in the middle. In a flop style poker game like the most popular poker variant, Texas Hold ’em, the blinds are 2 in number and they are located just to the left of the dealer. Closest to the dealer is the player who is stuck making the small blind, the next player over has the big blind. The big blind has to pay the minimum bet at the table and the small blind pays half of that. Blinds are forced bets, which means players don’t get to choose. The reason for this is that there are normally no ante costs for Omaha and Texas Hold ’em in a casino situation. The blinds are a way to try to get the players to keep going in for bigger pots to win back the cost of the blind.

Now, it should be noted that when the big blind is an odd number like 13 dollars, then the small blind is going to be either 7 dollars or 7 dollars, depending upon the casino one is playing at. The reason for this is because most casinos do not have a lot of 50 cent chips. It also helps, when it is rounded up, to ensure more money remains in play. To be sure, the whole concept of blinds was designed to favor the casino and cover the costs of the table. Players are going to call the blinds every so often and raise them, but the bottom line here is that the blinds make sure the casino gets some money for running the game no matter what else happens.

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Collusion in Online Poker

Have you heard the term collusion being thrown around online? Chances are you have if you have been playing poker on the web for a while and maybe you are wondering what this means. There’s another term that is more widely understood that can help you get a grasp of this word very quickly: cheating. That’s right, collusion is a fancy word for cheating. There are a lot of ways to cheat and poker and it is really not advised that any player take part in a collusion scheme unlessthey would like to be banned from online play in every casino on the web. Collusion ruins the fun for all of us so it is best not to even try it out in the first place.

To be more specific, since players can’t mark cards, perform hand is quicker than the eye tricks or try using a hold out device to throw the odds in their favor, it’s a lot harder to pull off collusion on the web, but it can be done, sadly. Bots are the number one way that really lousy players try to throw the odds in their favor. A bot is a program that is designed to play as if it were a human and try to win for its master. These are simply lines of code in a program that play poker online. Whether they win that much is not known, but what is known for sure is that using them is a great way to get banned immediately.

As crazy as it sounds, some people also create data mining programs to check for hand histories and try to throw the game based on complex programs. This, too, falls under collusion in online poker play. The last thing that is really disturbing is that certain employees of big name poker groups have been shown to engage in collusion and the results have gotten them fired and served with lawsuits.

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Worst Bad Beat in Poker History

Maybe you are thinking you have had a bad night of poker and that you lost way too much money. Maybe you think you got a bad beat, all your friends agree, and you have decided that online poker must surely be rigged to favor some other jerk in your favorite poker room. Well, here is some news to help make you feel a whole lot better: no matter how much you have lost in a bad beat there are very, very good odds that a few gentleman have lost a whole lot more than you have in the World Series of Poker. And to top it off, they had that bad beat recorded or even broadcast right over live TV. How is that for the depth of humiliation?bad beat

Let’s face it, a loose play is a loose play and sometimes you are going to lose when you play this way. That is why it is crucial to take a reality check here and there. Here is one to get you started: It’s 1979 at the WSoP and Doyle Brunson is facing off against Jesse Alto. It’s a winner takes all kind of game, true Texas Hold ’em nailbiter. So, not only does the turn help Brunson build one unlikely hand, the flop comes to his rescue to. He ends up pocketing over $200k in prize money and Brunson? To say he was steamed is a huge under statement. Livid is a lot more like it.

Think that’s bad? Try this next one. It’s the World Poker Tour and Ricardo Festejo is up against Al Ardebili for some very big money. Ardebili got given a 9 to 1 advantage and the dealer backed it up. Guess what Festejo lost a shot at? Try $1.5 million. Ouch is probably not the four letter word he had in mind at the time, though.

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How to Play Poker with Money – How to become a winning poker player

A lot of people love the game of poker and it is a fact that this game is one of the most popular wagering card sports both online and in the casinos. The fact is, many people play poker for money, but very few are going to be able to play for profits unless they are very careful. These are some tips on how to play to win and actually profit in the long run – the hardest aspect of the game to master. For those who can, the sky is the limit and this can be one of the most lucrative wagering opportunities known to man.how to play poker with money

Easy Does It – The main thing to remember is that those who win are the same people who understand when it is necessary to fold. They are the ones who will not take huge risks, but will sit back and make sure that they have a truly good shot at taking the pot before they wager a lot and then lose it. Small wins always beat big losses, so don’t waste a lot of time and energy trying to win every hand. In poker, no one is going to win every hand so figuring out when a fold is the wisest course of action is the smartest path. Easy does it, no need to get too aggressive, especially when you are just starting out at the tables.

Hold It to the Bankroll – One of the best tips for any player is to set themselves a limit that they are going to wager and then stick with it. When the instinct to just put a bit more into the bankroll and play a few more times hits, ignore this because it is not going to help. Poker is a game where being tight with your money is a very beneficial skill so don’t give into the concept of adding money over and over again trying to win the lottery. Poker is nothing like the lottery and to win consistently takes skill as much as luck is involved. Master the game before moving that bankroll up. If you lose too much at first, just shrink that bankroll and see how you do. You could play for $50 worth of a games a week until you profit enough that you don’t need to add more cash. That is smart bankroll management.

Play with Those at Your Level – Yes, it is true that the only way to get better is to play people who are better than you, but this is not the case when starting out. Be sure that you can consistently win against those who are new to poker as you are, whether that be 5 days or 5 years. Get good, make sure you are good and only then should you start testing the waters on risky moves. Keeping your playing style under control and really learning your chops is what this game is all about. This is the way you can gradually build your career and really end up taking the world by storm.

Sportsbook Poker Review

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Sportsbook is an established and well respected online casino and sports operator that caters to many beginner and experienced betting enthusiasts. However, their poker system was only launched a few years ago and has yet to become as impressive or useful as some of the other online poker options. Even still, Sportsbook Poker possesses a poker player volume within the top ten of the world and is continually growing.

If you are a fan of Texas Hold ’em you will never run out of options when it comes to games that are running and Sportsbook Poker Tournaments attract quite a few players from all around the world.

Sportsbook continues to grow quite rapidly as it is one of the few online poker websites that still allows US players to take part despite new strict regulations.

What you should keep in mind when playing poker at Sportsbook is the fact that there are often many inexperienced players at the table.  The site recruits players from the sports and casino area into the realm of poker so games end up being much more passive than on other sites.


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Customer Service

Sportsbook has received a reputation for satisfying the needs of customers and answering any questions and queries as soon as possible. They do their part to fix any customer complaints and offer a hassle-free experience for all.


Players logged on at Sportsbook Poker can choose to partake in free roll tournaments or opt for one of the many buy-in options available. Either way, the tournaments are the big draw to this event and bring with them some of the most substantial cash prizes online and even unique rewards such as a seat the World Series of Poker.


On the surface, Sportsbook Poker is one of the least appealing networks that you will come across online. However, the software itself is very functional, simple, and user friendly. On top of that, the entire theme and look is about to get an overhaul incredibly soon.


The entire site continues to grow quite quickly and during peak hours there are always more than enough games going on at once to please any visitors to the site. No matter your level, there are games to suit your style and even more tournaments you can partake in.


Sportsbook Poker continues to have a reputation that precedes it in the online poker world and has continued to improve and grow since 1996. The site itself has been featured on ESPN, CNN, CBS, and even in the Wall Street Journal. Whether you are just looking for a quick and loose game, or want to find tournaments that offer substantial prize amounts, you do not need to look any further then Sportsbook Poker.

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Fundamentals of Poker – What you should know about poker

Fundamentals of poker are important. It is not just the newbie player that could benefit from learning about the hard core basics of poker, most all players could use a refresher on the fundamentals if we are honest with ourselves. Poker is an intense game, whether it is played online or in a casino and those who expect to be able to win on a regular basis are going to have to do what they can to get these brass tacks down so that they can build their career. By getting a solid grasp of these essentials, nearly anyone can succeed, even early on in the game.poker fundamentals

Know the Hand Values – This can not be said enough. The really important basic of poker is to know exactly what each hand is worth. Memorizing this is the real key to creating a mind set that is ready to win every single time. There is no way to win every game of poker, of course, but those who are serious about success know they have to never have a question in their mind about which hands top which other hands. A hint of hesitation can really kill the emotional momentum of a player so being confident is a way to get that edge over others at the table. The players who never have a 2nd thought about which hand will triumph in a given poker game are going to out perform everyone else around them, hands down.

Discipline – This is the next skill set to acquire and it is worlds more difficult to really master. In life, very few people ever achieve even mediocre discipline in most pursuits, much less something as intense and exciting as poker. However, this is the way that the pros bring in millions so it is certainly worth trying to get a good grip on. Don’t go for broke every time, don’t lay out a lot of cash unless totally certain of victory, or at least quite certain. Become a cool, calm and collected player that really enjoys the game and winnings are going to be much easier to come by and the end, which is what we all want from poker games.

Learn About Odds – Math is one skill that might be boring in school, but it is totally crucial in a poker game setting. Not having a solid grasp of math can hurt one more deeply than could be imagined because knowing the odds is a key to effective betting. There is no use putting down a pile of chips on a bet that was a long shot and then ending up upset over the loss. The real key here is to win by making intelligent bets because one understands the odds and how they are in favor or against one at the table. Study odds and study well.

Practice – Well, here’s a dirty little word, but it is the truth. Those who really excel at this game in all of its complexity know the value of serious and regular practice. The real skills come trhough trial and error whether or not money is involved. They are going to try their hand at game after game just to sharpen those skills and get better.

When to Raise the Blinds in Poker

For those who are running their own tournament, knowing when to raise the blinds can be a big key to making the tourney go off without a hitch. This is a good piece of information to have because it can make the difference between an exciting game and a dull one, or one that is too frantic versus one that flows along at the right pace. Blinds, in the end, are all about pacing. This is the first part that you want to decide about your poker tournament and getting it right means a big success.

The first thing you need to decide on is how big the blinds are going to be each time you raise them, meaning what the amount will be in terms of an increment (ex: $5 versus $50 each time the blind is raised). For each raise you need to make sure that you have the chips available to do what you want. You can make a small chart and list the size of each blind raise, even scaling the amounts into bigger raises as you go. Remember to keep in mind the comfort level of your players. A home game should probably stick to small raises because players may not want to end up wagering hundreds of dollars at the table in this setting. Five dollar raises are good, twenty dollars might be pushing it. If you aren’t sure, ask around and get the opinion of the players prior to beginning the tourney.

Most people like to play a few hands in a home game before they begin. Five hands can be good before a blind is raised. This helps make the game more exciting at a set pace. Each dealer will do things a little bit differently, but as long as your players are happy with things that is what matters the most.

What is a Bad Beat in Poker?

The real scoop in poker is that the game, just like any game that relies on both strategy and chance, ends up having a heavy element of chance. Those who are trying to game the system in poker get upset when they hit what is called a bad beat. The first thing you need to know is that a bad beat is going to depend upon who is describing it. There is no one way to call a bad beat and all it means is that the hand the person thought would surely win ends up not winning. This ends up meaning that a bad beat can cause a truly bad attitude at the table. There really is no excuse for this since we all know, when we sit down to play poker over the web or in person, that luck is going to have its way with us no matter how smart we think we are.

If you’ve seen Casino Royale, the movie, then you know a bad beat is sometimes as simple as a strong hand getting beaten by an even stronger hand. This angers some people and you are liable to see them storming off after they lose this way. Still not cool, so just avoid acting this way since poker is about more than cash, it’s about having fun, too. The river will sometimes favor someone with what appears to be a weaker hand. Do not let this get to you. There are people at the pro level who just can not fathom why the hand they simply knew would win ends up getting beaten by a less worthy hand they could never have seen coming. They will throw a tantrum, but this serves no purpose. The best math genius in the world can never predict the arrival of the bad beat.You have been warned.

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Making Money in Online Poker

Oh, the joys of earning money over the web playing everyone’s favorite game – online poker. The fact is, this is a lot easier to do than many people really believe. If you are just starting out, then be sure to read up all you can to get an advantage. There are plenty of tips, tricks, hints and even guides or tutorials for online poker that can really help you out. There are also lots of practice rooms where no money is on the table and you need to do your best to take advantage of the learning that can happen in these rooms. Meet people, connect and ask questions while you play. You’ll discover that there is a whole world of help to get you started.

But what if you already play and you want to know how to raise your income? This is easy enough, the one way to get your skill level up is to play a ton of online poker. This is going to help you in terms of experience, but you need to keep a golden rule in mind: fold often. That’s right, too many who play poker never get better because they try to win every single pot. This just plain will not work. You need to learn when to fold, as Kenny Rogers would tell you. You need to know when it’s time to let the game go and take a loss. Taking a loss is the most important thing you can do because you will lose less if you lose when you know losing is best.

The next big thing to remember is that small bets are the way to big pots. Don’t blow your wad on a few big money games. Get good at gathering up the small wins from one game to the next. Use these to get you to the next level and you’ll be making money in no time.

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How to Bluff in Online Poker

Those that want to be able to make it big at get to the pro level in online poker have got a long road ahead of them in many ways. It’s said that poker is a game that takes only a a short time to learn, but it takes a life time to master. The art of bluffing is a very well known aspect of this game and there are plenty of references in pop culture to this fact, but most of the time, in a non online setting it is really easy to bluff. It is a matter of reading the people at the table and just figuring out how to work their perceptions to your advantage.

Simple enough, really, but the game really changes when it comes to poker on the web. The fact that you can not see your opponent’s faces, read their body language, hear their tones in speaking or perform any other of a number of popular ways of figuring out what they think – this is a pretty significant road block. That is, until you begin to think about ways to work the whole web interface to your advantage in poker. You see, those who play online a lot know that much of how players judge one another comes in terms of not just what is said in the chat box, but also in the speed of decision making.

Think about it: a player who is confident about their hand is most likely going to play fast because they expect to win so there are not too many worries they have to mull over when it comes time to make a decision. A player who holds a poor hand is going to take their time trying to calculate whether to raise, call, etc.

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