Worst Bad Beat in Poker History

Maybe you are thinking you have had a bad night of poker and that you lost way too much money. Maybe you think you got a bad beat, all your friends agree, and you have decided that online poker must surely be rigged to favor some other jerk in your favorite poker room. Well, here is some news to help make you feel a whole lot better: no matter how much you have lost in a bad beat there are very, very good odds that a few gentleman have lost a whole lot more than you have in the World Series of Poker. And to top it off, they had that bad beat recorded or even broadcast right over live TV. How is that for the depth of humiliation?bad beat

Let’s face it, a loose play is a loose play and sometimes you are going to lose when you play this way. That is why it is crucial to take a reality check here and there. Here is one to get you started: It’s 1979 at the WSoP and Doyle Brunson is facing off against Jesse Alto. It’s a winner takes all kind of game, true Texas Hold ’em nailbiter. So, not only does the turn help Brunson build one unlikely hand, the flop comes to his rescue to. He ends up pocketing over $200k in prize money and Brunson? To say he was steamed is a huge under statement. Livid is a lot more like it.

Think that’s bad? Try this next one. It’s the World Poker Tour and Ricardo Festejo is up against Al Ardebili for some very big money. Ardebili got given a 9 to 1 advantage and the dealer backed it up. Guess what Festejo lost a shot at? Try $1.5 million. Ouch is probably not the four letter word he had in mind at the time, though.

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Page Updated: May 8, 2018