How a Poker Calculator Can Help You in Sit and Go

Most poker players already know that there is a lot of cash to be won in sit and go games so this is where many of us focus our efforts on, especially if we are looking to build our bankrolls. You can select the level of risk you are comfortable with this way and it gives you a wide range of experience in terms of the types of players you end up going against. That’s a great value for the buy in and that’s what makes this attractive, but if you want to use a poker calculator it’s going to be a bit of a pain because they weren’t designed for these types of games. Instead, cash games are what these were made for and that’s just not what the majority of us tend to play. As a result, you end up having to go against what the poker calculator recommends and that’s not always comfortable since the whole idea of the calculator is to help you minimize your risks to some degree when and where you can.

Poker calculators typically help you by calculating your odds based on draws, your position, betting and the size of the pot. This is great for cash games, but it is just not enough to make solid decisions in sit and go. If you wind up playing against someone who is going crazy at the table or you end up short stacked, the calculator isn’t going to be giving you decent odds. The same goes for when you’re heads up, playing as chip leader or even in 4th place out of 4 left. In these types of scenarios, you will actually have to do the opposite of what your poker calculator is suggesting. For example, if you are up against one of these super loose high aggression players who bet wildly, you do not want to fold to them if you know you are probably ahead despite the fact that this could be what the calculator advises. It is making that calculation based more on pot size which is going to be unstrategically higher than it should be due to a loose player. If you know your hand is good, it is time to go against the calculator and make that player either fold or prove their hand. Otherwise you fall victim to the exact strategy of that player. Our best poker bonus is from everest poker. Read our everest poker bonus review

So, the key when using a calculator for sit and go games is that you want to make sure you really do keep in mind the fact that these calculators, while providing you with solid poker advice, were not designed to give you the decision to make in a sit and go situation. Sometimes, you will need to assess the risk by including the fact that you are playing a different style of game. You will need to include whether or not you are the chip leader at the table because if you are then you can make different calls than you would otherwise need to in a cash game. When you balance out what your odds calculator tells you with other facts you know about the game in progress then you get the best results from these poker calculators.

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Page Updated: May 8, 2018