How to Bluff in Online Poker

Those that want to be able to make it big at get to the pro level in online poker have got a long road ahead of them in many ways. It’s said that poker is a game that takes only a a short time to learn, but it takes a life time to master. The art of bluffing is a very well known aspect of this game and there are plenty of references in pop culture to this fact, but most of the time, in a non online setting it is really easy to bluff. It is a matter of reading the people at the table and just figuring out how to work their perceptions to your advantage.

Simple enough, really, but the game really changes when it comes to poker on the web. The fact that you can not see your opponent’s faces, read their body language, hear their tones in speaking or perform any other of a number of popular ways of figuring out what they think – this is a pretty significant road block. That is, until you begin to think about ways to work the whole web interface to your advantage in poker. You see, those who play online a lot know that much of how players judge one another comes in terms of not just what is said in the chat box, but also in the speed of decision making.

Think about it: a player who is confident about their hand is most likely going to play fast because they expect to win so there are not too many worries they have to mull over when it comes time to make a decision. A player who holds a poor hand is going to take their time trying to calculate whether to raise, call, etc.

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Page Updated: May 8, 2018