No deposit poker bonuses

No deposit poker bonuses are a great way to start online poker. On the one hand you don’t have to deposit your own money in order to play poker on the other hand you get real poker money that you can withdraw later.

There are many poker rooms that offer no deposit bonuses. This is a marketing strategy through which they get more players with an investment. They can’t meet you in person so this is their way to catch your attention.

There is really no catch. This is one of the few way on the internet through which you can get free money. Of course you can’t just apply for such a bonus and then withdraw it. This would mean a considerable loss for the poker room. You have to play with it. This way the poker room gets a part back from that money through the rake you generate, plus they also hope that you will like their poker room and remain loyal to them. It is like free detergent. If you like it you will buy it in future. In poker if you like the no deposit bonus and the poker room you will deposit and play there.

There are several ways to get a free bankroll on your poker account:
no deposit poker

1. No deposit poker bonus (also referred at as free poker money)

This means that you get a free starting bankroll from the poker room directly. You don’t have to do anything but you may be asked to prove your identity. There is a risk for the poker room because if you loose the free bonus and don’t deposit then they may loose money.

2. Free poker bankroll

Means that a 3rd party (for example our website) negotiates an exclusive deal with a poker room and therefore it is able to offer a special bonus. It is often required to do telephone verification, ID verification or to pass a poker quiz (in order to prove your poker skills and knowledge). There is a risk for the website because they invest money in you.

3. Turning free poker chips into money

Almost all poker rooms let you play with fun chips. This means that you get a number of chips you can play with free. This way you can test the poker room but you cannot earn any money unless you have many chips to sell. There are websites that accept free poker chips and give you real money instead.
The problem with this method is that you have to win millions of chips to get just a few dollars.

4. Refer a friend

Most poker rooms give you money if you refer a friend to their poker room. The catch here is that your friend has to make a deposit in order for you to that money. But if he does you get up to $100 free without doing anything about telling your friend to play with you an a new awesome poker room.

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Page Updated: May 8, 2018