Easy Poker Bankroll Management Tips

When it comes to keeping up with your bankroll and actually managing it well, you will have a number of things that you need to keep in mind. No one starts out as a star at managing their own bankroll unless they are already great at many of things it takes to win in poker or just so conservative with their betting that they rarely take any kind of risk. You can start out with a $50 bankroll and play on it for a long time if you know what you are doing, but it takes serious levels of self control and financial acumen – not to mention actual skill at poker – to get there. The nice thing is, once you start moving in that direction it is not so hard to end up exactly where you want to be. Once you get there, you will be extremely happy with the results and that is going to make sure that you can keep playing poker and actually start to turn a profit, as well. This is what makes the game so worth mastering, but keep in mind that mastery takes some time. For right now, let’s focus on getting good at better managing the bankroll that fuels your poker play. Take a look at the bankroll management chart.

Perhaps most important is to choose your games wisely. You need to know how to do decent assessment of the risks you face when you enter a game. You want to take into account that the cheaper the buy in is for a game, the more likely it is that the players who are there will be not that skilled. One reality in poker, whether it be online or offline, is that you really need players who are not skilled if you can find out where they congregate. This is because when you choose them to play against; you better your own skills. Poker is a game of every person for themselves, so there’s no reason to feel bad about playing with those whom you tend to win more than. Some people will eventually decide to do what it takes to get better and some won’t. The point is to do what we can for ourselves and win more – that ends up allowing us to share what we know with those whom we feel deserve it. You’ve got to target the games where you are likely to win because trying to play with sharks when you’re a tiny fish in the poker pool is simply not wise and will devour your bankroll super quick.

In addition to choosing cheaper games because they attract more suitable competition, consider the fact that you do not want to choose games that are so cheap that if you do win you barely get anything to add to your bankroll. Check out the pot size and make sure it makes sense for you. Decide if you would do better in a game with limits, too. Some people are just not in the part of their poker development where they have the discipline to fold when they’ve reached a limit. If this is you, take steps to make sure that you are guarding yourself against the impulse to push things in a game when it’s not the wisest decision.

These steps can help you manage that bankroll better and as the beginning steps, you can go further once you master them.

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Page Updated: May 8, 2018