Critical Thinking for Success in Poker – How to be successful?

If you are planning to rake in the chips at poker games, whether they are in the casinos, home game settings or online, you are going to have to learn to think critically. One of the most important skills that poker teaches us is to rely on solid, often mathematical logic. If you can do this, then you are going to see success at poker versus all of those people who tend to approach the game from an emotional stand point. A lot of people like to think they are not being superstitious or emotional about the game, but this is rarely true or far more people would be earning a lot more than they do when they play poker. Those who succeed are the people who can think things through not just from one hand to the next, but in choosing where and when they play, who they go up against and how they make their bets over the long haul.

Bankroll management is a real key to success and you need to be able to think about this seriously if you want to play long term. As simple as it might sound, deciding limits about how much you are going to spend and sticking with them with a religious zeal is going to shoot you miles ahead of most of those people playing poker right now. That is good because even the casinos need players who manage their bankrolls as much as it might seem that they would prefer those who spend without having any plan.

Those who manage their money are going to be in it for the long haul and that betters this game for everyone involved in it. Planning out limits is the absolute fulcrum of genuine success in online poker or any other form of the game. Texas Holdem is going to go your way sometimes and other times it is going to drain your cash in the blink of an eye. That is simply the way of the cards and no one has control over luck. What you do have control over is how you respond to luck – good or bad.

The key here is to think about what a decent level of spending is for you on a per week basis. If you have to go without playing for a while, so be it. Once you have a comfortable routine you’ll be able to get more serious about your game because you will want that weekly bankroll to last as long as possible and maybe even carry over to the next week.

Another area of critical thinking that is crucial is in deciding where you want to play poker. You may want to play tables with a high buy in, but there is no sense in doing this unless you can reasonably afford to take the loss. It is all too easy to raise when you see you have a pair of aces only to find out that the 3rd Ace on the flop ended up benefiting your opponent who put together a Full House to beat your Trips. Be careful and think things through. Play the poker games you can lose without worrying and you will win more often than you think.

Page Updated: May 8, 2018