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MIDDLE POSITION – the players sitting the in the positions 6, 7 in a 10-player game.

MINI – TOURNAMENT – poker tournament with few tables (usually 1).

MULTIWAY – a specific hand played with a minimum of 3 players.

NO DEPOSIT BONUS – a bonus that requires no initial deposit.

– a form of poker in which the bet-size and raise-size is not
dependent of any limit. You can place all your chips on one hand at any time.

NUTS – the perfect hand of the cards portrayed on the board. E.g. – if a played holds A-7 and the board has A-A-7.

OFFSUIT – the initial hand of a contrasting suit like A(spade)-K(clubs).

ON THE BUTTON – the dealer.

OPEN-ENDED STRAIGHT DRAW – when the misplaced cards are drawn to the low and high end of the straight. E.g. – K-Q-J-T is an open-end straight draw
as an A and a 9 will fill the purpose.

OUTS – the maximum number of outcomes.

OVERCARD – the card with the topmost rank compared to any of the cards being considered. E.g. – if the player holds A-K and the boards is Q-9-2, the player has two over cards.

OVERPAIR – is a pocket pair with a rank better than the board cards.

POCKET HAND – the initial two face down cards, personal to each player, also known as pocket cards.

POCKET PAIR – same rank starting cards.

QUADS – a group of 4 same rank cards.

RANK – the numbers written on the cards.

RAKE – the amount card rooms make from each pot.

RING GAME – a normal poker game not a tournament.

RIVER – the end card of the fifth position in the centre of the board.

SATELLITE – a qualification game.

SEMI-BLUFFING – playing with the second best hand in order to improve to a better combination, pretending that this is the best hand.

SET– same rank three cards. E.G 5-5-5

SHORT-HANDED – a game with a maximum of 6 players or less.

SHOWDOWN – it is the unveiling of the cards after the final bets have been placed and the best hand is shown.

SIDEGAME – an regular poker game not a tournament.

SLOWPLAYING – when a higher hand is played as a weak hand.

STARTING HAND – they are the initial two veiled cards known as pocket hand.

STEAL THE BLINDS – when the blinds are won with a bluff or a semi-bluff.

STRAIGHT – consecutive five cards. e.g. 2-3-4-5-6

SUITED – a pair of two cards belonging to the same suit.

TELL – a hint given by a player by mistake by his hand.

TRIPS – a group of 3 cards with 2 being on the table.

TURN – it is the community card on the 4th position in the centre of the

US POKER ROOM – Due to the UIGEA most poker rooms closed their doors to US players. US poker rooms still accept US players legally.

WINNING ODDS – is the relation between the positive and negative odds such as 1:4.

A-L | M-Z | Poker hands slang

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