Glossary of poker terms

A-L | M-Z | Poker hands slang

ALL-IN – The player bets all his money/chips.

BACKDOOR DRAW – it requires two cards. E.g. – when a player holds A-K (spade) and a flop of 9(spade)-7-2, then backdoor flush draw is initiated.

BET– the sum of money that I player puts in a pot. It also substitutes as a doing word.

BLIND-a obligatory bet that a player makes in the beginning

BLUFFING – when the player plays a weak hand as a strong hand.

BOARD – it comprises of open cards placed in the midst of all the players.

BOTTOM PAIR– the smallest pair.

BUY-IN – it is the fee paid at the time of initiation in a game

CALL – a bet identical to someone else’s

CHECK – when the turn is passed on to the next person

CHECK-RAISE – when the player checks first and raises when another player has bet

CONNECTORS – consecutive cards. E.g. – 7-8

CURRENT POT ODDS – it is the relation between the bet and the recent pot size.

DEPOSIT BONUSa bonus that requires an initial deposit.

DOUBLE UP – Go all in and win as many chips as you bet.

DRAW – requirement of a single card needed for a flush/straight.

EARLY POSITION – represents the initial 5 players in a 10 handed game who sit to the left of the dealer

FIXED LIMIT – a specific form of poker where constant sized bets and raises are placed

FLOP – represent the initial 3 community cards in the centre of the board.

FLUSH – they represent five cards which belong to the same suit

FLOP RATE – is when the total players who have witnessed the flop is divided by the total players at the table.

FOLD – is when the player throws away his cards and retreats.

FREEROLL – a poker game without a buyin. Free to play.

FULL HOUSE – a pair of 5 cards in which 3 consecutive belong to the same
rank and the other two are of another. E.G K-K-3-3-3

HEADS-UP – 1 vs 1.

INSIDE STRAIGHT DRAW – when a straight is made using a single card in the centre of the sequence. E.G 10 is needed when there is 8-9-J-Q

IMAGE – a portrayal of one’s self in front of the other players

IMPLIED POT ODDS – a relation between the bets placed and the pot size.

KICKER – the stronger card of a pair if the same pair is shared by another

LATE POSITION – the two end players betting one after the other.

LIMP IN – to call a small bet (or blind).

A-L | M-Z | Poker hands slang

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