Best poker players without a bracelet

Everybody in the world of poker knows that as good as a person is in every single tourney they play, without a bracelet it can be pretty depressing. After all, this is the way we poker players show off our skills and it can mean a great deal to win one after years of polishing your skills. It seems like a great idea to pay tribute to some of the guys that have made a lot of money in poker but really have never gotten to win a bracelet. Of course, keep in mind that this list could change any year now as their fates change and they bring home that proof of poker domination. For now, though, here is a list of the best poker players who still haven’t got a bracelet, but really ought to get on in the future:

Tom Dwan – This guy who goes by the totally tongue in cheek name of durr online, is definitely one of the finest of the fine. He’s young and definitely has a really amazing set of skills and a sharp eye, too. He can play hard and win big, so here is hoping Mr. Dwan pulls down a bracelet soon enough. Tom often plays on FT poker.

Andy Bloch – Here is a man who was part of the MIT black jack team. He’s a math whiz and seems to have a knack for finishing in 2nd place during big tourneys. He plays like a pro and deserves a big win to keep him going. Best of luck, Andy.

Mike Mizrachi – Does The Grinder really need an introduction? He has brought down almost $7 million in wins so far but no bracelet. That is amazing and he really should win one soon if fate is kind. After all, he is a huge credit to this sport.

Page Updated: May 8, 2018