Basic poker heads up strategy

Heads up poker embraces a range of human aspects; aggression, hand selection, bluffing, trapping, reading, value betting, folding and pot odds. And there are several strategies that have been regimented to register a successful victory in all its avenues. It always is an uphill struggle in its initial episodes, but with substantial experience it becomes profitable.

Experts have discovered and rediscovered tips to pull off stunning wins in Heads up poker. Certain tricks are termed ‘smart’, while some are called ‘dirty’. But at the bottom of the sink, it is the win that matters! .

To start off with, an aggressive game is perhaps the key to a comprehensive win. Aggression while playing cards is immensely supported by experience; there are many inexperienced players that have gone under against experienced people. Small blinds should be handled with utmost care, because they may cause the opponents to catch cards, making the player to lose hands. The opposition’s weakness should always be exploited thoroughly. One of the sharpest strategies to outfox the opponent is to separate the use of cards from the actual plays; this many a time perplexes the opponent and leads to an absolute misjudgment.

Bluffing is a necessary and perhaps the easiest game playing technique in Heads up poker. The player may fool the opponent into believing that his/her hand is good enough, and that the opponent’s marginal hand is not. Bluffing requisites a focused reading of the opponent’s suspected draw in order to attain an extra edge in the game. An appropriate bet is always the chief advice when a trip is suspected and a speculated flush shows on the board. In this case, bluffing may be recommended because the opponent believes that the player has the flush. Nevertheless, bluffing is always a ‘living on the edge’ affair, which may be potentially risky as being a complete mental strategy.

Wiping out a formidable hand can be highly beneficial, as it can save the player from a massive bet. Knowing the right time to strike is perhaps the hardest move. Normally players do not realize this situation soon enough, however dropping a hand when the opponent isn’t bluffing adds an extra bet to the player’s kitty.

Pot odds are a simple proportion of the current bet to the overall size of the bet. Therefore, a pot worth $40 and a bet worth $10 will imply 4:1 pot odds. The rule of thumb says that a bet can be made when the quantified hand odds are higher in comparison to the pot odds.

A proper understanding of the concept of outs and odds is pivotal for any Heads up poker game. There is a definite method to quantify and deduce the outs (the cards required to complete the player’s hand). For instance, if the player is a card away from a flush (results to two clubs in the player’s hand and two clubs on the board) then it results in 9 outs. This is methodologically processed by subtracting the total clubs in hand (13) from total number of clubs in showing (4).

Good luck at your heads up games.

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Page Updated: May 8, 2018